Math: Making Messes, Making Meaning and StoryWalk®️Workshop

Join me for 2 workshops in Springwater Park in Midhurst on August 30/17.

Jump start your learning just in time for back to school in September.

Math: Making Messes, Making Meaning and StoryWalk®️IMG_4903

2 Replies to “Math: Making Messes, Making Meaning and StoryWalk®️Workshop”

  1. Hi Gail,
    Your workshop sounds fabulous! I am just starting my final course in Foundations so I love your focus on Self Reg. I have done a StoryWalk Workshop recently and was planning on doing one as a community event at my school in the fall. Just wondering why 3 books and can we work with hardcover. I bought two copies of Cloudette.

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    1. Hi Liz!
      Thanks for the question!
      I always suggest 3 books; so that
      – you may have 1 for reading aloud as a regular story
      -as a guide to know what is the next page because you have to pull the other 2 apart, and
      – hard copies are fine, just more difficult to rip apart.
      So if you have 2 copies, we certainly can work with that!
      Enjoy the summer months ahead of us!


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