Loose Parts Categorised By Schema

A most wonderful chart looking at schemas. By Michelle Thornhill posted with permission.         http://mthornhill.weebly.com/uploads/6/3/4/0/63404993/loose_parts_by_schema.pdf The updated version of Michelle Thornhills amazing chart on schemas!  http://mthornhill.weebly.com/uploads/6/3/4/0/63404993/loose_parts_by_schema_2017.pdf  

Lessons In Self-Regulation From A Tree

February 25, 2016   Nature has a way. Winter has a way. I sit still on a felled tree that slowly decomposes under me in my ‘sit-spot’. The still air carrying the slowly descending flakes of powder, landing gently on my sleeve makes me breathe intentionally. These moments of reflection are perceptions in my brainContinue reading “Lessons In Self-Regulation From A Tree”

Self- Regulation: Understanding the Self

What is this new buzz word, self-regulation? Is it another behaviour management strategy based theory that if we all just follow our classes will miraculously be quiet, amicable and compliant? Self-regulation is most certainly almost never any of the above. It is instead a paradigm revolution. Children who are stressed will behave in ways thatContinue reading “Self- Regulation: Understanding the Self”