Educating Naturally

  Children’s education is a most interesting topic. The debate rages on over a teacher-led, intense, academic curriculum that forces children to sit for long periods of time and follow a succinct set of teacher imposed guidelines, or a more fluid design that is child-led using an emergent curriculum with a focus on enquiry learning. The profoundContinue reading “Educating Naturally”

The Wonder in Nature

To Wonder is to; think, connect, perceive, guess, enquire, respond, guide, answer, reflect, acknowledge, desire, see, be amazed, admire, be curious, ponder, be in awe, discover, make meaning, solve problems and learn. You get the idea! As a nature pedagog, I was afforded the opportunity to work with some dedicated Early Childhood Educators in childcare centres,Continue reading “The Wonder in Nature”

Math: Making Messes, Making Meaning and StoryWalk®️Workshop

Join me for 2 workshops in Springwater Park in Midhurst on August 30/17. Jump start your learning just in time for back to school in September. Math: Making Messes, Making Meaning and StoryWalk®️

Looking At Stressors: Kids Really Want To Do Well

Kids Really Want To Do Well When we see kids going against the grain, avoiding the task or simply non-compliant, we are quick to assume they are misbehaving. We wonder why they’re choosing to be disrespectful, aggressive or in-your-face confrontational! They swear, throw things in the class, ignore your instructions, disregard social norms, avoid orContinue reading “Looking At Stressors: Kids Really Want To Do Well”

Linking The Forest To Self-Regulation

  Linking The Forest To Self-Regulation   As the school year ends and another torch is passed, I can’t help but think about all the lessons the forest has taught us, and all that we have taught each other. It goes without saying that children grow physically, but seeing growth in the other domains ofContinue reading “Linking The Forest To Self-Regulation”

Loose Parts Categorised By Schema

A most wonderful chart looking at schemas. By Michelle Thornhill posted with permission. The updated version of Michelle Thornhills amazing chart on schemas!  

Lessons In Self-Regulation From A Tree

February 25, 2016   Nature has a way. Winter has a way. I sit still on a felled tree that slowly decomposes under me in my ‘sit-spot’. The still air carrying the slowly descending flakes of powder, landing gently on my sleeve makes me breathe intentionally. These moments of reflection are perceptions in my brainContinue reading “Lessons In Self-Regulation From A Tree”

Self- Regulation: Understanding the Self

What is this new buzz word, self-regulation? Is it another behaviour management strategy based theory that if we all just follow our classes will miraculously be quiet, amicable and compliant? Self-regulation is most certainly almost never any of the above. It is instead a paradigm revolution. Children who are stressed will behave in ways thatContinue reading “Self- Regulation: Understanding the Self”